Steel, at the peak of its popularity

The exterior doors are usually the first thing a visitor sees. Unfortunately, they are subjected to harsh conditions compared to interior doors, obviously. Great care must therefore be taken in the selection of their materials. Let us help guide you along the way!

As you will have seen, many options are available to you. We’ll start by presenting you a trendy material with attractive properties: steel. It’s surely popular, but why? Well, steel has specific characteristics and unique features which rank it at the front lines of door materials. Let us take a closer look at these features.

First, steel provides excellent strength quality and a long life cycle, which is quite interesting and extremely valuable. A steel door is safe and well insulated due to a central cavity filled with polyurethane foam. It’s also low maintenance, reasonably priced, and still very durable. The best of both worlds!

Also, garage doors and entrance doors made of steel are available in just about any style because, among other reasons, steel can be painted in a color of your choice. Really, it can be configured to your liking. It can be painted to mimic pretty much any surface – such as wood – or entirely modified to suit your tastes. Steel is easily adaptable to all types of architecture. Moreover, a single window or a stained glass could be added to your new exterior door in order to give it an extra distinguished look.

Now that you have made your decision, or if you still hesitate, meet us at Portes Bourassa. There, our experts in the field will be able to answer your questions and to assist you in selecting the right material for your ideal door. We would be pleased to discuss your projects and your specific needs regarding the renovations of your garage door and entrance door. Launch yourself and contact us!