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Proud supplier of MAESTRA™, the anti-warping, anti-cracking, anti-air infiltration and anti-peeling technology developed right here in our Terrebonne plant.

  • Our latest finishing product is equipped with nanotechnology and applied in four coats—a pigment or color coat, an insulating coat, and two nanotechnology finishing coats with UV protection. Find out more »
  • Our front doors come in thicknesses of 2¼ and 3 inches and are made with the Stay Straight™ anti-warping system . Find out more »
  • The wooden doors are built from carefully selected pieces of wood that are glued together and veneered on both sides to weatherproof the glue joints. The glue and gluing method we use have been tested according to industry standards. Find out more »
  • Our front doors have Interlock™ copper weatherstripping to maximize performance and a threshold system with invisible multi-strip brushes and our waterjet molding. Find out more »Energy Star
  • Our 3" doors have a unique, Energy Star-certified insulation system (patent pending). 

Wooden front and garage doors

We have a range of front doors and garage doors in a variety of contemporary, colonial, and rustic styles to meet your customers’ needs. All our products are made with matching molding to create a cohesive final look.

All our projects are unique and tailored to your needs. Each door is rendered in 3D with photos before production so your customer can visualize the product they’re buying.

The hardware that goes into our garage doors is extremely strong and adapted specifically for this type of door. We can install semi-vertical or limited-space tracks for you with 2- or 3-inch rails (depending on the weight of the door), complete with continuous- or regular-angle configurations, supports, and more.

We also offer a range of LiftMaster door openers, a brand known in the industry for its quality products. Depending on the size and weight of your door, we will make all the necessary adjustments and advise you on the right products for you.

Plus, we carry a variety of products to add a special touch to your projects, from blinds and flowerboxes to wood siding and more.

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