No Cracking

MAESTRA’S technology stops wood from cracking

The door structure is built of multiple pieces of wood glued together with veneer on both sides to weatherproof the glue joints. The glue used for the veneer also acts as a moisture barrier.

The floating panels on the inside of the door allow the wood to contract and expand freely with the temperature, while our gluing method makes the joints stronger than the wood fiber and prevents the wood from cracking.

exposure test

We tested our current glue for over two years by leaving pieces of glued wood without any protective treatment (stain, insulation, or varnish) out in the direct sun, as well as rain, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures.

*The wood may crack, but the important thing is that the glue joints remain intact.

Boiling water and extreme heat test

This accelerated test lets us quickly compare combinations of glues and gluing methods with various wood species.

The test involves immersing pieces of wood in boiling water, then putting the pieces under a heat lamp (surface temperatures of 70 ⁰C) and monitoring the results.

For seven days straight the pieces of wood were subjected to the boiling water/heat lamp cycle!

*The wood may crack, but the important thing is that the glue joints remain intact.

Our extensive testing allowed us develop an extremely durable gluing method.

We control the pressure that’s applied when clamping the pieces of wood at the glue station.

The surfaces are painstakingly prepared to maximize adhesion.

We use a glue specially imported in North America.