As your front door and garage door were chosen with great care, you would like to keep them in good condition – we fully understand. After selecting your doors with our specialists, whether made of wood or steel, a complete and in-depth preventive maintenance service is offered to you, at home, by our team.

Wood, our speciality

Bourassa Doors offers an after-sales service for the maintenance of your doors. In order to maximize the life cycle of your investment, contact our team of high qualified painters – they will know how to give back your door its original appearance. Bourassa Doors team is best qualified to take proper care of your wooden door, because we know exactly which product has been applied on it and we will ensure compatibility of products. Leave your exterior doors in the hands of our specialists in order to help them maintain their timeless beauty.

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Security, our priority

Unfortunately, there is no safe from bad weather. Obviously, weather conditions may damage the outer appearance of your doors, but it may also, over time, affect the proper functioning of your garage door. Whether it’s for a repair, an adjustment or simply for safe usage, it’s better to seek our expert services so that we can perform a complete preventive maintenance program in 26 points (offered on steel and wood) on your garage door – and you don’t even have to leave the house!

For further information on our maintenance programs, or for any question, don’t hesitate to contact us!