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Wood is a living and noble material, well maintained it can retain its beauty for decades. By investing in the doors made by Bourassa artisan’s carpenters, you can make an informed choice. To preserve your investment in serenity and for the long term, we offer a comprehensive maintenance service, this information and advice is given to preserve your doors for a lifetime.

Color and appearance of wood

Wood is a living material; each piece contains its own grain the different pieces can vary naturally. So even if our carpenter bring the utmost care in selecting and preparing pieces, in applying stain there will occur a variations in coloring because of the natural riding of the wood. Far from being flaws, these modulations are the characteristic charm of authentic wood.

Tree sap flow

Tree sap flow is caused by the fluctuation of temperatures and is naturally present in wood. Although wood is carefully selected and treated, it can happen that the sap in the wood seeps out over time. This phenomenon is not predictable and is not harmful to wood. The flow will stop on its own once it has excreted its resin.

Cleaning your door

All our doors are treated to adequately withstand climatic Canadians variations; however, the exterior doors are naturally subject to weathering and exposure to organic or chemical substances. If you want to preserve their beauty, you must do a regular maintenance and cleaning every 2 years.

In cases of slight soiling, a simple damp cloth with water and mild detergent followed by a dry cloth wiping.

Avoid using abrasive substances that could damage the wood finish.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly show you the proper treatment to preserve the beauty of your doors.

Scratches, shocks and scales

Our woods are treated with the utmost care, but shock or animals can overcome the most resistant varnish. For small damage, it is possible to make touch ups. For more extensive damage, the wood must be stripped, sanded and adjusted. We recommend you contact us prior to any repair, a simple fix might be enough or we will offer you the right treatment for the restoration of your door.

Discoloration of finish

Stains have specific guarantees according to the selected color. We can stipulate by your choice of finish, which in a recommended time you will need to re finish with recommended products. This is to maintain the doors original luster and protect the wood against all premature aging or alterations.