Bourassa doors

Our Warranty (wooden doors)


At Bourassa Doors we guarantee that the work that we do is always above standards. By purchasing a door here, you will be assured:

  • Exclusive use of the finest quality materials and wood;
  • Only seasoned craftsmen will produce your doors;
  • Only certified technicians will install your doors.

Door warranty

We guarantee our products for a period of one (1) year on labor and two (2) years on hardware as stated in the standards of the Building Code. 

Our warranty covers:

  • Delaminating;
  • Cracks in the wood;
  • Warping;
  • Swelling.

Warping of ¼” or less of the door, or stiles, rails or any other major deformation not exceeding the criteria of CAN/CGSB-82.5-M88, will be considered acceptable.


During the first year after installation if your door requires some adjustments because of some swelling or warping, we will come and do the adjustments free of charge as long as the humidity in the house does not surpass 30%

Handle warranty

The handles are guaranteed by the manufacturer even if they are installed by us; therefore; any replacement costs are not covered

Electrical equipment warranty

The warranty is transferable from the manufacturer

The limited warranty DOES NOT cover:

  • The materials covered by the warranty of another manufacturer or distributor;
  • The change in color or texture of the wood;
  • The normal fading of the paint or dye used;
  • The possible seepage of wood;
  • The deterioration due to aknock or misuse of the door;
  • Any modification done by the owner, which could alter the initial product such as the installation of hardware (locks, mouldings, panic bars, door closers, etc …);
  • If a sanding, finish or sealant was applied on site by owner;
  • Installing a door – window or an alarm system;
  • A lack of maintenance, abuse, neglect, vandalism, damage caused by other factors such as a grout cleaner, the use of a razor blade on glass, using a sealer, sanding or improper cleaning;.
  • The damage caused by an exposure or conditions more demanding than the level of performance indicated on the products;
  • The damage caused by water infiltration or air infiltration due to extreme weather conditions, damage due to condensation or freezing caused by excessive moisture, as well as, damages caused by excessive exposure to heat, explosion or fire.


To be able to maintain your doors in excellent condition, we suggest a regular maintenance and a complete maintenance every 2 years. We offer this service for our customers, we start with an inspection of the aesthetics and mechanical aspects and if need be, our maintenance team will clean, repair, sand and refinish your door.