According to your specifications

Interior wooden doors

Match your entrance doors, according to your tastes and needs

In order to provide you with the best service, Bourassa Doors also designs interior wooden doors, custom made to match your entrance doors, according to your tastes and needs.

Indeed, not only our experts take care of the outer appearance of your home, by manufacturing entrance and garage doors for more than 25 years now, but we offer you that same choice for your interior doors.

Therefore, the style (classic, country, modern or contemporary) and the wood species (mahogany, red cedar, pine and more) that you have selected for your entrance door can be transposed to your interior doors, so that they perfectly fit together.

Moreover, you will be prompted to choose among a vast assortment of hardware products, whether it’s for a single standard door or a special one installed on a sliding rail – we always base our approach on your needs, tastes and interests.

Don’t hesitate, Bourassa Doors ensures you an outstanding service and a tailor-made design for your exterior and interior doors, always with our top-quality solid wood.

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