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The Bourassa Garage Doors division offers many opportunities to enhance the front of your home. In our showroom you will find a multitude of steel entrance doors and garage door styles. We work with leading manufacturers and distributors to offer the best possible choice.

Custom Available

The Bourassa Garage Door innovates once again by offering you the opportunity to purchase a standard steel door and make it unique. It is now possible to add aluminum strips to create a contemporary model or to apply decorative moldings for a more classic look. Out of the ordinary options, that will enhance the value of your home. Even more, we can match your new entrance door to your existing garage door in order to unify the whole.

Manufacture and insulation

A steel garage door is a sandwich-type assembly with the center being, of a polyurethane insulation. The thermal resistance of the insulation is usually between R12 and R16, depending on the thickness of your door. Higher the thermal resistance rating, more insulated the door will be. In addition, you will see only a small difference between your heating between an R12 and R16. The thermal resistance is not the only factor that helps to insulate your door; professional installation, the right set of weather strips and a good fit are also very important. A door properly installed will save on heating and minimize the risk of water and air infiltration rate.

Cleaning your door

To clean your door and keep it in good condition, it is important to follow these tips. The product recommended for maintenance is car wash soap. This type of soap does not contain detergent that could damage your door. Used with a soft cloth and some water your doors will regain its beautiful shine. Avoid pressure cleaning machines, they can damage the finish and cause water infiltration.


At Bourassa Doors, we offer you the opportunity to paint the garage door the color of your choice, since we have our own paint shop on site. All our doors are painted with a painting with heat reflective materials to protect the door and reduce heat absorption.

Electric door openers

All residential electric doors openers systems must be equipped with a photocell installed at the bottom of the door. This safety device prevents the door from closing if an obstacle appears and cuts the horizontal radius. This is made mandatory by law and must be installed between 6 ‘and 10’ ‘from the floor.


There are two types of spring available for the doors. The extensions springs that stretch either side of the rails are slightly less durable (+/- 10 000 cycles) and must be fitted with safety cable to retain the springs in case of breakage. We recommend that you change this type of spring every 6-7 years for a family residence. Torsion springs, installed at the top of the door, are considered more resistant (can operate between 10 000 and 100 000 cycles), quieter, more durable and requires less maintenance. The Bourassa Garage Door Division offers annual maintenance for the two types of springs for all customers who desire it.