Quality: a durability guarantee

Wood is a living material that we have learned to work with over the years, and we use technologies that allow us to guarantee the durability of our products. Here is a summary of what they are.

Protected from the whims of Mother Nature. Our Interlock technology prevents air from coming through; our doors are remarkably draft-proof. This technology allows us to proudly display the ENERGY STAR certification.
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Stay Straight™
Our doors won’t warp. We performed extensive tests in order to find top-performing ratios; these efforts have led to our patented Stay Straight system, which allows us to deliver doors that are guaranteed to stay flat in the years and decades to come.
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Our doors won’t peel or crack. Thanks to the door structure we have developed, the wood is free to expand or contract regardless of the season without being damaged. Our technology includes a four-step finishing system: four coats are carefully applied, each one protecting your doors against wear.
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We have been working with wood for many years. Decades of exploring and testing wood have provided us with in-depth knowledge and understanding of this living material that are second to none.

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