MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS!Wood is alive. It breathes. It contracts. It expands.
Discover a unique wood preservation technology offering long-lasting beauty.

Bourassa Doors revolutionized the way hard wood doors are made, with an anti-peeling, anti-cracking, anti-draft and anti-warping technique called MAESTRA™. This new technology will provide peace of mind for decades to come.

You can thus rely on this new and exclusive wood treatment technology. Developed in our facilities, this wood processing technique ensures that you get an impeccable wood door, or garage door, that will last for years.

Our expertise extends to all levels of production, starting with the careful selection of each piece of wood, to the various wood treatments that it undergoes, nothing has been left to chance to ensure our doors beauty and durability.

DURABILITYCare for the wood to ensure its beauty for decades to come.

Bourassa Doors has developed an exclusive multi-step wood treatment process. Before assembling the door, the wood is impregnated with products that have anti-mold, tannin stabilizers and waterproofing1 properties. In contrast to standard treatments, air is allowed to flow through the wood, which allows it to breathe. The double layer of nanoparticle varnish provides unparalleled UV protection. This is our MAESTRA™ technology at the service of beauty.

1Protects against humidity. It creates a barrier against the infiltration of water therefore making it waterproof.

PROTECTIONControl the Elements

MAESTRA™ allows you to control the temperature in your house. Bourassa Doors has refined a weather strip technology called Interlock™, which works regardless of the outdoor weather conditions.

Its seal-contact surface is three times larger than conventional systems and blocks air from coming in. Unlike lateral compression technology, the Interlock™ weather strip does not place pressure on the door. There is no strain put on the opening and closing mechanism. This strain can contribute to the premature warping of a door.

Energy StarAnd to further enhance your comfort our doors are Energy Star® certified. Our panels are assembled with high-performance foam insulation that give our doors minimal heat loss and a very high resistance to heat transfer. This represents innovation that really matters.

STABILITYWelcoming, but also guarantees the protection and safety of your home.

Our brilliant MAESTRA™ technology includes an exclusive Stay Straight™ anti-warping system. Steel tutors are strategically placed within the door’s structure, giving them twice the strength of an ordinary door of similar thickness.

The glue gap settings are exceptional, time tested, and resistant to the most extreme weather conditions. Our assembly technique allows the wood panels all the room needed for expansion. Thanks to MAESTRA™, the wood is free to expand or contract, regardless of the season. It does not crack and remains beautiful always.