Need a new entry door? Think about a door made with Maestra technology!

It may be hard to believe after the summer heatwave we have known, but it’s a fact: the cold season is upon us! Protect your house against cold air leaks with doors made with our Maestra technology, that will also ensure their stability and beauty for years to come.

Wood is alive and sensitive to inclement weather. But our exclusive system covers all the angles: it is ANTI-mold, -cracking, -water or -air leaks, and -warping!

Our treatment process impregnates wood with protective products and enables it to breathe, the seals help the door withstand the harshest conditions, our assembly technique allows for wood’s natural expansion, Stay Straight™ reinforcement system increases doors’ stiffness and resistance, and our Interlock™ weatherstripping prevents air from entering without applying pressure causing warping like conventional weatherstrips do.

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cold season is upon us
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