Maintenance of your Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors Maintenance
Although our innovative technologies preserve the beauty of your wooden doors for years to come, it remains necessary to keep your wooden entrance and garage doors lightly maintained, if only to refine and better protect them.

Generally, your doors should be cleaned about twice a year, using a damp and soft cloth with warm water. You should know that it’s normal to carry out maintenance of your wooden doors after 3 or 5 years, according to their level of environmental exposure. The basic maintenance, relatively minor, consists mainly of applying a new coat of varnish and making some alterations as needed.

After many years, somewhere between 15 and 20, it’s possible that the varnish and the dyeing of your doors have to be reviewed. And this is why we offer a complete stripping service directly in our factory during the cold season.

In order to better serve you, know that our qualified team offers a home maintenance service. Do you notice irregularities or damage to any of your doors, either in colour or finish? Contact our technical specialists!