Why a Pass-Through Door?

Pass-Through Door Ararat
The passage door is a pedestrian area that subtly integrates with a steel garage door, in the manner of a front door. It is particularly useful in cases where only the main entrance door gives access to the garage. Thanks to the pass-through door, no need to operate the garage door opening mechanism or to cross the entire house to access the garage! In fact, passage doors have many positive aspects, such as:

• They guarantee simple, convenient, fast and safe access to the garage, even in the event of a power failure;

• They help keep the heat of the house, as only part of the garage door opens to welcome visitors;

• They allow the electric door opener and the springs to be spared for improved durability.

It is thanks to our proud partnership with Ararat, whose pass-through door is the area of expertise, that we are able to offer you a complete installation service of passage doors. Would you like more details on the benefits of a garage door with such a system? View the short explanatory video provided by Ararat’s pass-through door specialists, then contact our team to discuss your projects!