Washing your vehicle in a garage

You have chosen a wooden garage door for a number of reasons. Refined, rich, sturdy, wood will add unique character to your home.

To maintain its beauty and preserve the effectiveness of your wooden door, you might want to know the basics; Today, let’s talk about car washing inside the garage.

You can wash your vehicle inside your garage safely, but be aware that your wooden garage door doesn’t particularly like water. Excess water could cause delamination in the Lauan plywood interior lining of the door, which will not be covered by our warranty.

In addition, since wood absorbs water, excessive moisture can cause your garage door to expand and contract, and water soaked into the door will make it heavier. Which may end up in the need to recalibrate your garage door, and please note that it is not covered by our warranty.

Take care of your door but more importantly, get the most out of your garage!

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