Trends Point to Sliding Doors

Both practical and decorative, the sliding door invites itself in any contemporary homes, embellishing our decor while going hand in hand with our exterior doors. It is a particularly clever solution for optimizing space, while remaining elegant and original, as well as allowing a wide range of configurations, for maximum creative freedom!

In addition to being extremely popular, the sliding doors provide your environment with significant space savings, while improving ergonomics by completely eliminating the beating space of traditional doors. Whether you choose a wall-mounted, retractable, wooden with slats or transparent glass model, it will surely match your current architecture.

Stylish, unique and top-of-the-range, the sliding door can match with your existing front door and bring an original accent to your design. It can be imposing, brightly coloured, set on visible rails for an industrial look, or with lighter partitions so that it discreetly integrates in a room that you would like to enhance with a touch of modernity.

Portes coulissantes Bourassa

Did you know that our team designs splendid sliding interior doors, customized according to your tastes and needs, so that they fit perfectly to your exterior doors? Come take a look at our different projects, and fill up on ideas with our enthusiasts!