The winter maintenance of your garage door

We will not escape it once again in 2021—There will be a winter! You noticed that more and more leaves fall down, our days are getting shorter, and snow removal markers are being installed.

Before the first snow has fallen and covered the ground, you should look after the routine maintenance of your garage door that should happen twice on a yearly basis.

Different elements must be checked in order to preserve the performance and appearance of your door. That will also ensure its safe use..

Here are the main points to watch :

  • Weatherstripping
  • The lubrication of the various components
  • Unusual or unpleasant sounds, which are often caused by springs or cables
  • The garage door opener

We suggest you take the time to read your owner’s manual carefully to learn more, especially if you have a wooden garage door.

Feeling buried under chores? You don’t have the necessary equipment? Or you just need help for that step? We are at your disposal! Contact us now to book an appointment.

Another important advice that’s easy to apply: during wintertime, clear away snow and ice that accumulate around your garage door. Freezing and thawing could lead to serious problems.

Snow - Garage Door