The importance of checking weatherstripping

In the cold season, for maximum door efficiency, inspecting weatherstripping is a wise idea. These plastic or rubber pieces are installed around entry doors to prevent cold air infiltration in the house.

Here are the main reasons why it is critical to check them.

Thermal insulation

Weatherstripping in good condition contributes to maintaining comfortable levels of indoor temperature, whether in your home or garage. Stopping cold air from entering will also help you save on energy bills.

Noise reduction

When in good condition, weatherstripping helps reduce outside noise, for a calmer and quieter environment.

Protection against humidity

By preventing cold air infiltration, weatherstripping prevents condensation in the house as well. This reduces the risk of damage caused by humidity, such as mold.

Checking weatherstripping on a regular basis should be part of regular home maintenance. Replacing it could have a significant impact in terms of comfort, energy efficiency, and house lifespan.

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