Tailor-made is our thing!

At Bourassa Doors, we take special pride in our ability to provide customers with tailor-made doors. We are well aware that every home is unique, and that garage and front doors must complement your property’s style and aesthetics. That’s why we use high-quality materials and offer personalized options to meet customer needs.

Our latest project is a solid wood door with a finish that offers a rough timber look. By combining a quality solid wood door with assembly and sanding methods that retain its natural appearance, we designed a one-of-a-kind door with impressive character.

Solid wood doors are known for their natural beauty and exceptional quality. The natural coating provides a stylish finish and adds an extra layer of protection to ensure door durability. We are confident that this door will be a key element of the house for years to come.

We are thrilled with this project and eager to replicate this innovation. This is yet another testimony of our ability to provide tailor-made, personalized doors to meet and exceed customer expectations.

wooden finish