Species for every taste

Wood is a rich and noble material that has proven its worth. It will definitely give the façade of your home character and elegance. If you’re about to renovate your house and if you plan to change or transform your exterior doors, solid wood is the preferred choice for manufacturing material.

Why wood?

Because it’s certainly sturdy and durable, but especially because it looks highly sophisticated, which is very sought-after, and it will inevitably enhance the appearance of your property. In addition, you also can select the type of wood you like, each with its own unique attributes and advantages. We’d like to present you a few of them.

• Mahogany

Mahogany is a well-known type very appreciated by the aristocracy that will perfectly suit a high-class contemporary style. Carpenters can easily and accurately shape mahogany wood, making it a first rate choice when it comes to doors with detailed conception. Mahogany is certainly famous for its singular red color and uniform appearance that immediately attract glances.

• Red cedar

Naturally resistant, red cedar offers you a better longevity than most other species. It’s also one of the lightest Canadian woods, making it easier to install and less prone to cracks. Long-established, red cedar is at the head of the pack in weather resistance. Moreover, its light shade can be treated in order to obtain the desired colour.

• Pine

This softwood offers a largely heterogeneous surface with brown knots, depending on the kind, and an orange-yellow tone. Its quality/price ratio is one of its biggest strengths. Indeed, as it’s a fairly softwood, it requires good treatment to be more water resistant, for example, but its specific features are perfectly combined with more rustic or country house design.

You still hesitate? It’s true that there are countless options in selecting materials for your front and garage door. Call on our specialists at Bourassa Doors! We look forward to discuss your choices and help you to select among the wide range of collections available. Contact us!