Light Up your Garage

You’re planning to renovate your home in order to take advantage of this beautiful space that your garage’s offering you? Whether you want to fix things, work out or have fun with your friends, the garage may be the best place to do your daily activities; but you must allow some light to enter the room…

Thereupon, you can choose to add windows to your new garage door, which is an excellent idea!

• First, ask yourself what kind of door and glasses you would like to install, because several models and sizes are available on the market. One of our favourites: contemporary glazing! This will certainly know how to refresh the look of your garage – even of your entire house – by giving your façade a touch of elegance and modernity.

• Some people may wonder if it’s possible to match the garage decorative windows with the main door, and of course it is! Whether you opt for a contemporary, classic or country style, it’s always interesting to harmonize the architectural whole. In fact, don’t forget to bring a picture of your house during your visit!

• For the rest, you can select the most suitable finish for the purpose intended, bearing in mind the level of transparency sought: clear, satin, glue chip, tempered or other. Same thing for the position, perhaps at the top of the door to assure a higher level of privacy and safety, or on the 3rd and 4th sections to get full visibility.

In all cases, don’t hesitate to call our experts in the field in order that you may be rightly guided in the selection of the perfect windows for you garage door. Otherwise, they can talk you through the options that are available for you regarding the desired changes.

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