Installing a door in winter—Really?

Winter in Quebec is often a season of extremes: we can expect heavy snowfalls, ice storms, and even rain. That is probably why many people think that we cannot perform the installation of our doors during the cold season.

But they can think again: It is possible to change doors all year long, even in winter! Often, this option even offers the advantage of shorter installation delays since it is an off-peak period.

Our team is ready to carry out the installation of your side access, front, or garage door. Deal with professional, qualified installers who are experienced in cold weather. The only reason for rescheduling would be a major winter storm or if temperatures dropped below -20 degrees.And know that installing a door only takes a few minutes―thus when the old one is removed, your house is exposed to the cold only for a short period of time and keeps its heat!

Book the installation of your top-quality door at any time! Not decided on your future dream door? Explore the possibilities on our website or let our experts assist you in our showroom!

Front door in winter