How to clean and maintain wooden doors

With the return of warm weather, spring cleaning is often in order! Since your entry and garage doors have been carefully chosen, it's an opportunity to give them some attention and to choose the right way to maximize their lifespan.

Regular dusting recommended

Prevent spider webs and dust from accumulating over time. To keep your doors nice and clean, regular dusting is recommended. Simply dust them with a feather duster to avoid scratching the wood.Cleaning of the door

For a good cleaning, you can use warm water and a soft cloth slightly dampened, making sure to follow wood grain direction. Do not spray any wood cleaning product.

Important: do not use soap, another cleaning product, a pressure washer or a hose on the door or the threshold, for they will damage the finish.

Door handles can be disinfected with normal cleaning products using a soft cloth.

Cleaning the frame

Open the door and wipe down the edges and frame with a clean, damp sponge. You may need to rinse the sponge a few times to keep it clean enough to ensure effective cleaning.


clean and maintain wooden doors
Happy cleaning!