Have you considered fire doors for your home?

Without being alarmist, it is fair to say that fire doors can really save lives. Designed to divide facilities into separate zones, they help prevent the spread of smoke and fire and give occupants more time for evacuation. Emergency exits, stairwells and apartment entrances are usually equipped with fire doors.

Such doors are also perfectly suited to family dwellings, garages and entrances at large. At Bourassa Doors, we offer custom-made fire doors that bear the Warnock Hersey seal of approval certified by Intertek, an international leader in inspection, testing and certification to help ensure quality and safety. Our doors comply with NFPA 252, UL 10C and CAN/ULC-S104 standards.

We hold a license to manufacture wooden fire doors. They can resist fire for 20, 45, 60, and even 90 minutes. We can manufacture most models in the version of your choice, with positive or neutral pressure. You will get fire-rated products that are effective... and doors that are always high end and beautiful!

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