Electric Door Opener: a Must-Have

The garage door is a key element to your house, and the choice of an electric door opener is important as well. There are few points to consider when you purchase an electric door opener; this could include the power, the reliability and the noise, which are three major players. Here are the main types of door opener through the market:

• The belt-driven garage opener is very silent. It perfectly fits garages located under a bedroom, for instance. Its steel-reinforced rubber strap is smooth, for a maximum of softness, while remaining very efficient. 

• The chain-driven garage opener is the predecessor of belt drive systems. A little nosier, but cheaper than the latter, this type of door opener is always an excellent choice. 

• The garage door opener from the side is fixed on the wall near your garage door. It offers quiet operation and it’s the ideal choice when there is insufficient space in the ceiling to install a conventional rod motor. 

Obviously, our specialists will be there to guide you through the selection and the maintenance of your electric door opener. You can rely on our team for anything that concerns your front and garage doors!

Electric garage opener