Doors maintenance

Garage doors maintenance is a crucial step that too many people fail to follow. Your garage door system must be kept in good condition to ensure a safe use – and that’s where our specialists come in to play.

Our team offers you a complete preventive maintenance service in 26 points, at home, for your garage doors, whether they’re made of wood or steel. These inspections include the swing door opener as well as the garage door itself. Not only our maintenance service assures you the proper functioning of your garage door system, but it provides you a precious peace of mind. Never again you would have to worry about the maintenance of your garage doors, our experts in the field take care of everything for you, at home!

And now is the time to take advantage of our service! As of today, and for a limited period, obtain a 25% reduction off the price of parts (springs, weather-stripping, roulette wheel, door bottoms, etc.) with the purchase of our complete preventive maintenance service in 26 points. Kill two birds with one stone at Bourassa Doors: ask for our maintenance program and get 25% discount on parts!

Don’t wait anymore longer, make sure you have your garage doors properly maintained by our team today and benefit from our best deal on parts. This offer expires on April 1st, 2016, so hurry up! Contact us for further information.