Decoration ideas for your exterior doors

Despite the small amount of snow on our grounds, holidays are upon us already! Did the mild temperature slow down your Christmas preparation or you’re ready for quite some time now? In any case, we have allowed ourselves to look for some decoration ideas for your exterior doors this year, and we have for you two simple suggestions in order to enhance your home’s magic! Here they are:


Invite your guests to take part in the celebrations as soon as they walk through the front door by affixing a splendid Christmas Wreath on it! The possibilities are endless: mistletoe, fir, holly branches, ribbons, fabrics… There are several models in store, just as well as you might even assemble a beautiful wreath yourself. Again, there are no limits. Give your wreath a personal touch by adding stars, Christmas ornaments, bells or – why not – feathers to it.


The front door is undeniably a key component of your house. Frame it with a multi-coloured and original garland for the year-end holiday season! It will immediately catch the eye of your guests, while welcoming them most warmly inside your lovely home. The garland may simply be made of vine branches for a pure and authentic style, or well furnished with bows, pine cones and poinsettias for a more colourful look. In a word, let your imagination run wild!

Oh, expand your decorations across your garage door! It can enjoy the party too and help give your property the magic touch it needs for the holidays!

You have other creative ideas to decorate your façade? Share it with us! At Bourassa Doors, it’s always with pleasure that we discuss your projects regarding closely or remotely your front door and garage door. Contact us!