Bourassa Doors : a stimulating work environment

Interested in embracing new challenges? In being partof a dynamic team in a growing company? In joining people who are passionateabout their business? Bourassa Doors could be the place for you!

Bourassa Doors’ founder’s sons are at the heart of afamily-oriented business. We understand, for instance, how important balancingwork and family is. We even offer four weeks of vacation leave for newemployees. And we have for your use a gym that will make a clear difference inyour daily life.

As a leader in the design, fabrication andinstallation of high-end wooden doors, we also have a special expertise whichis very motivating for our staff. Our productshave left their mark on the industry by setting new standards. Experience thepride that comes with our know-how! And work with people who love their work.

Bourassa Doors offers competitive wages and allowsemployees to take part in a group RRSP. Let us open the door to your dreams!Several job offers are already posted and might be tempting!