A new equipment for added versatility

Our 42-inch sanding machine has just been replaced by a new machine that gives us the ability to handle orders of larger sizes. In the past, we had to hand-sand the doors that exceeded 42 inches while the new Biesse S2 calibrating sanding machine offers a maximum operating width of 53 inches.

This new acquisition allows us to guarantee increased productivity and high quality standards. The S2 machine offers superior levels of performance. Its robust and stable structure ensures precision and reliability, delivering exceptional finish quality.

In addition to allowing us to sand larger-size doors, the S2 offers superb machining flexibility and thus possible customization in accordance with customer requirements. We are therefore able to meet a wide variety of needs, including the growing market trend towards very large doors.

Thank you to our partner Biesse Canada and to the professional team of Grues Maurice Gendron for the unloading!

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Grues Maurice Gendron

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