The many Benefits of Custom Design

Exterior doors, taken alone, are a key element which you certainly need to consider for a successful renovation or construction project. Of course, standard formats are still available on the market, but have you thought about custom design? It offers near-infinite possibilities to meet the very specific needs of your new buildings or to satisfy the current requirements of your home. 

The Perfect Fit

It must be recognized that it is much easier to harmonize the door with the whole house than the other way around! Whether your architecture style is modern, classic or rustic, your front and garage doors can be tailor made in order to blend perfectly and to create a pleasant aesthetic effect as well as a good balance with the rest of the façade. 

Portes Bourassa Garage Bois Portes Bourassa Entrée Bois

To your Heart’s Desire

You’re looking for something specific, but you cannot find it through the available templates? Draw a sketch of your dream door or cut magazine pages and bring it all to one of our designers so that he can identify your tastes and needs – he will take care of everything else! Custom design allows you to best personalize your exterior doors. 

Portes Bourassa Entrée BoisPortes Bourassa Entrée Bois

No Compromises

The shape of your door, the thermos glass, the wrought iron, the engravings… All of it can be tailored to your specific needs. Our wooden doors are manufactured in the specie and the style of your choice – nothing will stand in the way of your plans. You thus get a final product that matches your every mood, and your home environment. 

Portes Bourassa Entrée BoisPortes Bourassa Entrée Bois

In the end, everything is possible with the custom manufacture of your doors! And that’s exactly why it’s the clear choice when you’re building or altering your dream house

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