Bourassa Doors: Breaking into the US Market

Bourassa Doors wishes to expand its operations in the United States, particularly by marketing its high-end products, including its brand new MAESTRATM technology.

The prospect of an expansion in the United States is a very exciting challenge for our team. Our top-range products, such as our custom-designed wooden entrance doors and garage doors, as well as our innovative MAESTRATM technology, are sure to please our southern neighbours. We intend to expand our operations in Boston, New York and Toronto initially, but who knows what the future holds?

Mr. Alain Bourassa, joined by Mr. Patrick Dubois, also participated in the last JLC Live Residential Construction Show in Providence, Rhode Island, in order to present our high-class wooden doors and mostly our pioneering MAESTRATM technology to the architects, designers and engineers present at the event, which took place from 23 to 25 March 2017. The welcome was warm, and the conference was more than interesting! According to Mr. Bourassa and Mr. Dubois, it was an excellent salon, and certainly one more step on the way to the American market!

Portes Bourassa JLC Live 2017

Stay tuned for full details on our activities and events.